Work good; less work better?

What even is work? Is it only paid labour? What about caring for each other, or volunteering, or growing our own food?

Work is the site of some of the biggest changes in our society: automation, precarity, inequality, overwork, alienation from each other. How do we find our way through this to create a better society?

58% Of Australians Support Universal Basic Income

58% Of Australians Support Universal Basic Income!

By Tim Hollo December 11, 2020

Imagine if, instead of extending the awful, controlling, racist Cashless Welfare Card, as they did this week, our government was discussing how to cultivate trust, how a good society helps every one of its members get by. Imagine if, alongside a commitment to universal health care and education, we put…

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Sharing, Caring, Co-creating, Co-governing

Sharing, Caring, Co-creating, Co-governing

By Tim Hollo July 23, 2020

We had a fabulous conversation last week with Julie Miller Markoff from Bendigo’s bHive and Nat Defriend from London’s Participatory City, taking us through their work to build better, healthier, happier, greener communities from the grassroots up. In the 6th webinar in our Covid Democracy Series “Community-building From Bendigo To…

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Is Democracy Possible Without UBI?

Is Democracy Possible Without UBI?

By Tim Hollo May 25, 2020

This was just one of the huge questions we grappled with in a wonderful 80 minute conversation with Guy Standing, Jane Goodall, Abigail Boyd, and participants across Australia and beyond. You can now watch the full video below. With tremendous clarity, Guy took us through the challenges of the present…

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Cultivating Democracy Conference: Democratising The Economy - Celeste Liddle

Cultivating Democracy Conference: Democratising The Economy

By Elissa Jenkins January 12, 2020

Featured below is an audio podcast of the panel ‘Democratising The Economy’ at The Green Institute conference, Cultivating Democracy, on November 15, 2019. This podcast captures the audio from the ‘Democratising The Economy’ session facilitated by Adam Bandt MHR, with speakers: Clare Ozich, Dr Elise Klein and Celeste Liddle.

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“Conversation Starters” To Help Design A UBI

By Tim Hollo June 25, 2018

In the eighteen months since we kicked off a discussion about Universal Basic Income with our paper, Can Less Work Be More Fair?, the conversation has grown tremendously, with so much interest from around the Greens and beyond. Now it’s time for the next step. Up to now, we’ve…

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Green Institute - UBI Work And Labour - Labor

UBI, Work And “Labo(u)r” Parties

By Tim Hollo April 6, 2018

It was excellent to watch Richard Di Natale fully embrace and promote the idea of Universal Basic Income in his speech to the National Press Club this week. It’s clear the idea has made its way from the edges of Greens policy and politics into a central position, and that…

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Green Institute Conference - Tim Lo Surdo and Rachael Jacobs

Looking Back On ‘Everything is Connected’ Conference

By Tim Hollo December 13, 2017

Everything really is connected, isn’t it? Including how putting on a huge conference is connected to exhaustion and getting behind on other work, with a direct consequence of not uploading content from the conference for almost six weeks. Clear connection there! After such an amazing two days discussion big green…

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