Work good; less work better?

What even is work? Is it only paid labour? What about caring for each other, or volunteering, or growing our own food?

Work is the site of some of the biggest changes in our society: automation, precarity, inequality, overwork, alienation from each other. How do we find our way through this to create a better society?

A Budget For Last Century…

By Tim Hollo May 10, 2017

Last night's Budget has been received by many as a typically Labor Budget. And, to be frank, that's about right. Publicly framed as fair while hiding tax cuts for big corporations and nasty punitive measures for vulnerable people, it's a Budget that suits a party still emerging from the 19th century, paying no heed to the huge challenges of the 21st century.

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Got Time For A Chat About The Future?

By Tim Hollo January 13, 2017

I hope you had a good rest over the holiday period and, like me, are ready to leap into 2017 with renewed energy. One of the reasons I’m feeling excited and energetic is because, as well as just not working for a while, I had some fantastic conversations with people…

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