Is Democracy Possible Without UBI?

By Tim Hollo May 25, 2020

This was just one of the huge questions we grappled with in a wonderful 80 minute conversation with Guy Standing, Jane Goodall, Abigail Boyd, and participants across Australia and beyond. You can now watch the full video below.

With tremendous clarity, Guy took us through the challenges of the present moment and how UBI can address them. Jane articulated some of the key critiques of UBI and responses to them. And Abigail took us through the detail of her proposal to implement a UBI in NSW.

The discussion ranged from the practical to the philosophical. Would prisoners be eligible for UBI? Does a UBI support capitalism by giving people more purchasing power, or does it undermine it by disentangling paid labour from the capacity to survive?

You can watch the full video below. And don’t forget to register for the next in our Covid Democracy series, From the Local to the Global and Back Again, with Scott Ludlam and Assoc Prof Carolyn Hendriks, on June 4, as well as the Green Institute’s Virtual Campfire, Connection Through Arts, on May 30.

Covid Democracy Webinar Series: UBI with Guy Standing, Abigail Boyd and Jane Goodall from Green Institute on Vimeo.


Cole says

Will a transcript or captions be made available for this recording? Thanks.


Elissa Jenkins says

Hi Cole,
Apologies for this. We are currently looking into how to arrange captioning for our webinars. We hope to sort it soon and will announce it when we begin.


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