Podcast: Brave New Green World, Conversations from Byron Writers Festival

18 Mar 2023

In Conversations From Byron, Sarah Wilson sits down with filmmaker and activist Damon Gameau, the ‘electrify everything guy’ Saul Griffith and environmentalist Tim Hollo to imagine a greener future for our world. In a discussion that traverses history, policy, community action and technology, we’re presented…

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Top 7 Green Agenda Reads Of 2022

7 Jan 2023

As we step into the new year, here’s a path circling through Green Agenda’s 2022 most read pieces, cleared by our readers’ high clicks and concerns.  Seven articles ranging from reflections on the Greens in power and discussions of Indigenous and environmental struggles in East Gippsland and the West Kimberley,…

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Tim Hollo - Tedx Talk - Panarchy

Tedx Talk: Panarchy: A Manifesto For Change

18 Mar 2023

What would happen if we truly worked together to solve the ecological, social and political crises we face today? At TEDxCanberra 2022: Impact, environmentalist, community builder, author and musician Tim Hollo shows us what a living democracy in Australia could look like. A highly regarded environmentalist, community builder and musician, Tim Hollo is Executive Director of the Green Institute…

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Green Institute submission on nature repair market - Bilby

Submission On Nature Repair Market Bill

15 Mar 2023

The Green Institute recently has made a submission into the Government’s proposed Nature Repair Market exposure draft bill. We have called for the government to withdraw it as a terrible idea and instead invest appropriately in protecting and rehabilitating nature, and consider working towards a Rights of Nature framework. Read the full submission here.

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Download 'Unconditionally: COVID response and the future of welfare', a collection of essays edited by The Green Institute.

E-book: Can We Imagine A Future In Which Welfare Is Unconditional?

26 Oct 2021

Can we imagine a future where anyone in Australia who needs help to make ends meet gets that help from government, without having to jump through flaming hoops to prove they deserve it? DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK NOW Can we imagine a future where we simply say that nobody deserves to live in…

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Green Agenda


Green Agenda Journal - Living Towards Transformation Webinar

Webinar: Living Towards Transformation – Discussing Green Agenda 2023/1

8pm AEDT, 13 April 2023

To speak of change today conjures up images of high-tech gadgetry and low carbon infrastructures pulled together towards energy transitions. Change might be the latest phone, or a new app to address an old problem. Political change may be tweaking regulations, amending legislation, making bad law a bit less bad. But living towards transformation may mean something else, something both…

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Community, Comedy and Conversation with Mandy Nolan - Green Institute Event

Community, Comedy and Conversation with Mandy Nolan

9am, 11 March, 2023

In Adelaide? Join us for a very special, very delicious pre-WOMAD breakfast with Mandy Nolan who’s in town for the Adelaide Fringe for her comedy show ‘Women Like Us’. A stand up comedian for well over 28 years, audiences adore Mandy on stage, but this intimate breakfast will delve into some of the more serious issues of the day –…

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Living Democracy with Tim Hollo at Bondi Beach

Living Democracy with Tim Hollo at Bondi Beach

6.30pm, 16 February 2023

The way we glow when having a great conversation, building off each other’s ideas, finding solutions we can all be satisfied with. The way we spark together when marching and chanting in protest. This is living democracy. Yes, the world looks bleak. Across our society there’s a mounting sense of desperation in the face of the climate crisis, gaping economic…

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