Together While Apart: Webinar Video, Q&A And Resources

20 Mar 2020

How on sweet Earth do we practice and cultivate ecological ethics, connected diversity, community building and social cohesion, when we can’t come together face to face? It was incredible to have 100 people cram into a virtual room together to discuss this – and demonstrate one way to do it…

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Reviewing Environment Laws After The Fires: Resources From The Webinar

13 Mar 2020

This summer, we’ve witnessed the stirrings of ecological collapse in Australia on a grand scale. The impacts of the pillaging of our land and the pollution of our atmosphere by those who care only about short term profits are becoming impossible to ignore. In this context, the…

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Rebalancing Rights: Communities, Corporations And Nature

Rebalancing Rights: Communities, Corporations And Nature

29 Mar 2019

If BHP Billiton has rights, and can act as a legal person, why shouldn’t the Great Barrier Reef? What would change if we decided that the natural world we are part of had rights of its own – the right to exist, to habitat, to be free from pollution? This collection began its life as an exploration of the concept…

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Views Of A UBI

14 Jun 2017

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t be left behind? Nine Australians’ “Views of a UBI” 14 JUNE 2017 What would your life be like if you—and everyone around you—had a Universal Basic Income? How would it change the choices you make to know that there was a no-questions-asked, non-judgmental, society-wide support in place that we all contribute to…

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Can Less Work be More Fair?

9 Dec 2016

We need to talk about UBI and shorter working hours Does a world with more insecure work need to be a world of greater instability and fear? Are protectionism and nationalism appropriate responses? Are there alternative policy approaches which can bring people and communities together instead of driving them ever further apart? With global politics in a state of flux,…

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Green Agenda

COVID-19: Militarise Or Organise?

31 Mar 2020

This is a re-post of a blog originally published by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Please see here for more salient commentary in their series on COVID-19. In the last week as cities around the world have entered into lockdown, and as fear of the many...

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Post-COVID: Will Our Better Angels Prevail?

27 Mar 2020

I know I shouldn’t sit up late at night scrolling through the 24-hour coronavirus news coverage. I know reading countless horror stories about those impacted by the pandemic only makes me unnecessarily anxious, yet I do it anyway. While my biggest concern is for those losing their lives...

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Staying Connected During The Coronavirus Pandemic

25 Mar 2020

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic and the rapid shift to physical distancing the Green Institute hosted a webinar on 19 March 2020 titled Staying Together While Keeping Apart. Green Agenda is now publishing transcripts of the speakers of the webinar. To start we are publishing the...

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Cultivating Democracy In A Fractured World

24 Mar 2020

Tim Dunlop provided a keynote address at the Green Institute conference, Reclaiming Democracy, in 2019. In this talk he discusses how citizen assemblies and sortition can help cultivate democracy in a fractured world. I’ve been asked to talk about the idea of citizen’s juries, or...

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Reviewing Australia's Environment Laws After The Fires

Reviewing Australia’s Environment Laws After The Fires

24 March, 2020

CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 – WITH APOLOGIES The Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act has, throughout its history, facilitated developments as the expense of ecologies across the continent, enabling environmental destruction on a grand scale. And yet, the Morrison Government has framed this year’s statutory review as an opportunity to make development even easier, “cutting green tape” to…

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Snap Webinar: Staying Together While Keeping Apart

Snap Webinar: Staying Together While Keeping Apart

19 March, 2020

If you have registered and haven’t received your Zoom link via email (check spam first!) please request the link by texting Elissa 0418 786 986 with your full name and your email address. Ta! Apologies to those trying to register. The Webinar, capped at 100, is now SOLD OUT! However, f you would like to receive a video recording of…

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Finding Agency And Action In A Time Of Ecological Crisis - Green Institute

Finding Agency And Action In A Time Of Ecological Crisis

March 17, 2020

CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 – WITH APOLOGIES What would it look like if climate activism acknowledged that our existing democratic norms and institutions will not deliver the scale and pace of change necessary and are also fundamentally ill-suited to enabling human survival as ecologies collapse? How might we develop a new approach which ties together climate action, community building and…

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