Dutton Nukes Democratic Climate Debate

21 Jun 2024

Here we go again. A decade ago, I wrote this piece in The Guardian explaining why the right keeps returning to nuclear power like a dog to a puddle of vomit. It fits their worldview: the “dominion mandate” that says God gave “man” the Earth to dominate; the…

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Watch Back – Greens Leaders Talk Democracy

24 May 2024

This month I was incredibly privileged to chair a webinar with three tremendously inspiring Greens leaders from around the globe, as we launched the Global Greens Strengthening Democracy Network. If you weren’t able to join us, quite late in the evening, you can now watch or listen…

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Audio Book - Living Democracy - Tim Hollo - Green Institute

Listening to Living Democracy: Audio Book

1 Dec 2023

These are dark times. Could they be the darkest before the dawn? Can we turn this juggernaught around and cultivate an ecological, living democracy? You can now listen to Tim Hollo reading his book, Living Democracy, to find inspiration, ideas, and encouragement to do your own thinking. LISTEN FOR FREE…

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Seeding, Feeding and Leading Transformative Greens Politics: Green Institute Annual Report 2022/23

Seeding, Feeding and Leading Transformative Greens Politics: Green Institute Annual Report 2022/23

17 Nov 2023

With our strongest ever focus on engaging and working with Greens members and the wider movement, 2022/23 was an exciting and highly successful year for the Green Institute. Despite tiny resources, with only 1½ FTE staff, we delivered a massive program of workshops and webinars, publications and podcasts, conferences and writers’ festivals, cultivating deep…

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Nature Market: Why Labor’s market will do nothing for nature

Nature | Market: Why Labor’s market will do nothing for nature

31 May 2023

How much is a koala’s life worth? What’s the cash value of preventing the extinction of the orange bellied parrot? If these are the questions you’re asking, can you expect anything other than a devastatingly, destructively wrong answer? Labor’s Nature Repair Market Bill, a redraft and repackaging of the ecocidal Morrison government’s proposal to establish…

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Green Agenda

Renewable energy: Are optimistic scenarios feasible?

21 Jun 2024

Terry Leahy critically examines Mark Diesendorf and Rod Taylor's The Path to a Sustainable Civilisation, focusing on their arguments for a renewable energy transition and degrowth. Acknowledging the authors' optimism about renewables, Leahy challenges notions of an easy green transition,...

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My Planet Saving Superpowers

11 Jun 2024

In this reflective essay, writer, activist and farmer Linda Cockburn recounts her 25-year journey attempting to save the world through increasingly dedicated living experiments and community projects. From living off-grid to establishing local food networks. [...] Read More... The post My...

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Visions & Movements

23 May 2024

Our latest issue of Green Agenda, ‘Visions & Movements’ is a testament to the radical imagination and collective experimentations from-below. From visions of alternative urban futures grounded in ecological justice to building material counter-power through everyday practices of...

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Will we keep cranking up the aircon as we watch the planet burn? 

5 May 2024

We have conjured up a dark future with our addiction to air-conditioning, but as we enjoy our dream lifestyle, this luxury is cooking the planet and sentencing the poorest and most disadvantaged to a nightmare of cooling poverty. [...] Read More... The post Will we keep cranking up the...

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Change Everything – Natalie Bennett on her new book on transformative Greens politics - Green Institute

Change Everything – Natalie Bennett on her new book on transformative Greens politics, with guest Christine Milne

8pm AEST, 9 July 2024

Webinar: 8pm AEST, Tuesday 9 July 2024 What does transformative Greens policy and politics look like? Natalie Bennett, former leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, and current Greens member of the House of Lords, has written a new book, Change Everything, examining a broad range of ideas from…

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Join Global Green Leaders to discuss democracy - Strengthening Democracy Network

Join Global Green Leaders to discuss democracy

9pm AEST, 8 May, 2024

OK, this is genuinely exciting! As something of a democracy obsessive (have you noticed? But more and more of us are, given the state of the world today), I get to talk about democracy with some fantastic people pretty regularly. Just in the last week, I’ve had the privilege of being part of two excellent discussions that will hopefully lead…

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Building Better Branches Workshop - Green Institute - Victorian Greens

Greens Workshop: Building Better Branches

10am-4pm 2 March, 2024

In Melbourne? Join this cross-branch workshop exploring how to sow community connections and grow thriving campaigns. 10am-4pm2 March, 2024Edinburgh Gardens Community RoomFitzroy VIC 3065 Guided by principles from his inspiring book ‘Living Democracy’, the Green Institute’s Tim Hollo will lead a collaborative conversation about growing Greens branches in Victoria into lively hubs of mutual aid and…

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