Leaping towards transformative politics!

20 Mar 2024

Launching Friends of the Green Institute Imagine if we Greens had the time and space to really think deeply about the changes we need in the world, and how to make them happen! Imagine if everyone in and around our party and movement had the opportunity to get involved in…

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Write For Green Agenda!

26 Feb 2024

Green Agenda is open for submissions. Our first issue for 2024 will be thematically open. We welcome submissions from researchers, writers, activists and creatives. Submit your pitch here! Send us your abstract or pitch by 3 March. Final contributions will be due in…

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Audio Book - Living Democracy - Tim Hollo - Green Institute

Listening to Living Democracy: Audio Book

1 Dec 2023

These are dark times. Could they be the darkest before the dawn? Can we turn this juggernaught around and cultivate an ecological, living democracy? You can now listen to Tim Hollo reading his book, Living Democracy, to find inspiration, ideas, and encouragement to do your own thinking. LISTEN FOR FREE…

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Seeding, Feeding and Leading Transformative Greens Politics: Green Institute Annual Report 2022/23

Seeding, Feeding and Leading Transformative Greens Politics: Green Institute Annual Report 2022/23

17 Nov 2023

With our strongest ever focus on engaging and working with Greens members and the wider movement, 2022/23 was an exciting and highly successful year for the Green Institute. Despite tiny resources, with only 1½ FTE staff, we delivered a massive program of workshops and webinars, publications and podcasts, conferences and writers’ festivals, cultivating deep…

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Nature Market: Why Labor’s market will do nothing for nature

Nature | Market: Why Labor’s market will do nothing for nature

31 May 2023

How much is a koala’s life worth? What’s the cash value of preventing the extinction of the orange bellied parrot? If these are the questions you’re asking, can you expect anything other than a devastatingly, destructively wrong answer? Labor’s Nature Repair Market Bill, a redraft and repackaging of the ecocidal Morrison government’s proposal to establish…

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Green Agenda

Solid swings but not many ward wins – unpacking the results of the 2024 Brisbane City Council election

10 Apr 2024

Well it’s six days since the council election, and the last few postal votes are being scrutinised closely, with the Greens frustratingly close to winning in a couple of different electorates both in Brissie and elsewhere in South-East Queensland. Across Brisbane’s 26...

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Feet, bikes, busses and trains, not electric cars

9 Apr 2024

To build a just and thriving future, we must shift our focus from electric vehicles to the power of walking, cycling, and public transport. [...] Read More... The post Feet, bikes, busses and trains, not electric cars appeared first on Green Agenda.

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Write for us!

10 Feb 2024

We work with social justice, antiracist, and ecological commitments, and in favour of Indigenous sovereignty. We welcome contributions from all who share an interest in exploring ideas that are consistent with and explore left, progressive, and environmental thought and its contemporary...

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Crisis, resistance, and the lure of liberal nation-building

8 Jan 2024

Writing together as activist scholars, as people committed to thinking about the practice of collective struggle, we consider Sri Lanka's landscape of state crisis, popular resistance, and liberal reform. [...] Read More... The post Crisis, resistance, and the lure of liberal...

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Building Better Branches Workshop - Green Institute - Victorian Greens

Greens Workshop: Building Better Branches

10am-4pm 2 March, 2024

In Melbourne? Join this cross-branch workshop exploring how to sow community connections and grow thriving campaigns. 10am-4pm2 March, 2024Edinburgh Gardens Community RoomFitzroy VIC 3065 Guided by principles from his inspiring book ‘Living Democracy’, the Green Institute’s Tim Hollo will lead a collaborative conversation about growing Greens branches in Victoria into lively hubs of mutual aid and…

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Author Discussion - Living Democracy - Sustainable Living Festival 2004

Author Discussion: Living Democracy with Tim Hollo – Hobsons Bay Libraries

6.30pm, 29 February 2024

Engage in lively conversations and collaborative problem-solving—this is living democracy. Join Tim Hollo for this Hobsons Bay Libraries event part of the National Sustainable Living Festival 2024.  Despite global challenges, Tim Hollo’s Living Democracy offers bold ideas for positive change. The narrative challenges the notion that it’s the end of the world, offering glimpses of exciting new journeys worldwide. Join this…

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Life After Capitalism - NENA Conference

Life After Capitalism? NENA Conference

17-19 November, 2023

Tim Hollo will be speaking at this year’s NENA (New Economy Network Australia) Conference in Canberra. It’s been said that it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. But today’s climate change, environmental decline and social justice challenges are forcing societies to rethink our economic systems and social governance.

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