GI Workshops: Facilitating Transformational Green Politics

Is your team looking to go deeper with strategic planning? Are you navigating internal challenges? Or a thorny policy question?

The Green Institute can help.

Our highly respected team of facilitators is available to help design and lead workshops for:

  •  Local branches, State and Territory parties, and party working groups
  •  MPs and parliamentary staff teams
  •  Others across our movement

We will support you to tackle big challenges, think through crucial questions, and plan transformational work.

The Green Institute creates space for strategic conversations about Green politics that can’t happen anywhere else, but are crucial for our movement’s transformative goals. Sometimes we create those spaces through conferences, webinars and papers we present. Sometimes we join you in your spaces, facilitating the discussions you need, when you need them.

For tough strategic or crisis conversations, it’s often useful to find a trusted external facilitator who understands our movement’s unique challenges and contexts. That’s where the Green Institute is perfect.

Green Institute Workshops: Facilitating Transformational Green Politics - Facilitation Services

The Green Institute offers:

  • Workshops on strategic planning, including deep dives into theory of change, and considering how we can make our political activism transformational. How do we work to change the political system while operating within it as it exists? How do we change the way we do politics when we recognise we’re at “the end of the world as we know it”?
  • Workshops specifically on applying the ideas in Tim Hollo’s book “Living Democracy”, exploring ideas like how we can rethink our branches as mycelium – connective networks making the soils of our society and politics more healthy.
  • Workshops tailored to your specific needs – designing deliberative processes to help consider thorny policy questions or challenging internal relationships.

Our team

Tim Hollo: Tim is Executive Director of the Green Institute, a highly regarded thinker and practitioner of Greens politics, and an experienced facilitator. Tim has been a Greens candidate, a staffer, and has held numerous party roles. He leads the Green Institute’s workshops and facilitation program.

Rebecca Galdies: Becc is a strategy and campaigns expert with years of union organising experience and has learned facilitation skills from some of the experts in the movement such as Janet Rice. She’s worked with everyone from farmers to corporate executives, held senior office bearer roles in the party and been a candidate a number of times. Becc’s super keen on making our democracy as genuinely inclusive and diverse as possible. 

Huong Truong: Huong has been a Victorian Greens MP, parliamentary staff, election & issues campaigner, activist trainer, and grassroots organiser for the Greens and in the community over the past two decades. Her special interest is in shaping culture and relationships to strengthen and diversify our movement. 

Elissa Jenkins: Elissa was a founding board director of the Green Institute in 2008 and is now on staff. A party member since 2003, Elissa has been a candidate and has held numerous party roles, including during crisis periods. Elissa enjoys bringing creativity and joy to facilitation, as required.


The Green Institute’s basic consulting fee is $200/hr + GST for preparation, facilitation, and write-up. We offer a standard 30% discount for work with The Greens (ie $140/hr + GST).


Rebecca Vassarotti, ACT Greens Minister for the Environment

“I was extremely impressed with the work that Tim and the Green Institute undertook to support our [ACT Greens] policy development process around housing issues through 2023. His ability to work to develop an agenda that created space for good conversations, his facilitation on the day and the write up process was of the highest quality. This work served as the foundation for the more detailed work around election initiatives and campaigning. We would highly recommend other Greens Parties who are undertaking complex work to consider this type of approach, and engaging the Green Institute to support”.

Brett Constable, Australian Greens National Manager

“Tim and Becc from The Green Institute were perfect for leading our most recent round of strategic planning workshops. Their sessions were highly engaging for our members right around the country and we only received positive feedback with calls for more such events. Tim’s final report on the key issues raised across all the workshops and recommendations for action was also critical for finalising our first ever 10 year Strategic Plan. I highly recommend engaging The Green Institute in your next deliberations on the big picture.”

Glen Ryman (Yarra Branch), Duck Mulcahy (Merri-bek & Hume Branch), Deviani Segal (Darebin-Whittlesea Branch)

The ‘Building Better Branches’ strategy day, led by Tim Hollo of The Green Institute, was a transformative experience for our Greens members. Tim’s insightful guidance, drawing from the principles in his book ‘Living Democracy’, challenged us to think more deeply about our role as a movement and our connection to the world around us. Through Tim’s thought-provoking framework, we explored how our branches can embody the interconnectedness and adaptability found in natural systems. He inspired us to consider how we can be not just branches, but integral parts of a thriving ecosystem for change.

The workshop provided a space for us to grapple with the complex challenges we face, while also recognizing the opportunities for growth and transformation. Thanks to Tim and The Green Institute, we left the workshop with practical ideas and a renewed sense of purpose. We highly recommend Tim Hollo and The Green Institute to any organisation looking to build resilience, adaptability, and a deeper sense of purpose in their work towards a better world.

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