Sharing, Caring, Co-creating, Co-governing

By Tim Hollo July 23, 2020

Sharing, Caring, Co-creating, Co-governing

We had a fabulous conversation last week with Julie Miller Markoff from Bendigo’s bHive and Nat Defriend from London’s Participatory City, taking us through their work to build better, healthier, happier, greener communities from the grassroots up.

In the 6th webinar in our Covid Democracy Series “Community-building From Bendigo To London”, we learned about how, by supporting local communities to set up their own initiatives, by developing skills for co-creation, by establishing frameworks for co-governance, they cultivate true democratic culture.

And they just make life better.

Watch or rewatch the presentation below.

Sharing, Caring, Co-creating, Co-governing from Green Institute on Vimeo.

Both Julie and Nat have been kind enough to share their slides. View Julie’s presentation and Nat’s presentation.

If you’ve got examples of this kind of work in your own area, or elsewhere, please share them in the comments!


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