The idea of pacifism, or even the concept that military action should be a last resort, has been whittled away in our public arena. Peace is not seen as a “serious” idea.

Could a broadscale effort to support a politics that values peace, as well as non-violent protest, also flow on to helping to build a community that values peace and rejects violence?

Green Institute Conference - Tim Lo Surdo and Rachael Jacobs

Looking Back On ‘Everything is Connected’ Conference

By Tim Hollo December 13, 2017

Everything really is connected, isn’t it? Including how putting on a huge conference is connected to exhaustion and getting behind on other work, with a direct consequence of not uploading content from the conference for almost six weeks. Clear connection there! After such an amazing two days discussion big green…

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What Do We Mean By “Everything Is Connected”?

By Tim Hollo October 11, 2017

With our conference now a little over two weeks away (get your tickets now, people, before they sell out!), I thought it would be a good time to quickly talk a little more about what we mean by its title:¬†Everything is¬†Connected. The idea of the whole conference is…

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