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Green Agenda Journal 2024 Call For Papers - Green Institute

Write For Green Agenda!

By Carlos Morreo February 26, 2024

Green Agenda is open for submissions. Our first issue for 2024 will be thematically open. We welcome submissions from researchers, writers, activists and creatives. Submit your pitch here! Send us your abstract or pitch by 3 March. Final contributions will be due in…

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Best Green Agenda Reads of 2022

Top 7 Green Agenda Reads Of 2022

By Carlos Morreo January 7, 2023

As we step into the new year, here’s a path circling through Green Agenda’s 2022 most read pieces, cleared by our readers’ high clicks and concerns.  Seven articles ranging from reflections on the Greens in power and discussions of Indigenous and environmental struggles in East Gippsland and the West Kimberley,…

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