Top 7 Green Agenda Reads Of 2022

By Carlos Morreo January 7, 2023

As we step into the new year, here’s a path circling through Green Agenda’s 2022 most read pieces, cleared by our readers’ high clicks and concerns. 

Seven articles ranging from reflections on the Greens in power and discussions of Indigenous and environmental struggles in East Gippsland and the West Kimberley, to a Green theory of grassroots political organising.

Your top 7 reads in 2022:

  1. Caroline Le Couteur’s “Greens in Government in the ACT. Reflections on successes and challenges from a former MLA
  2. Jonathan Sriranganathan’s “One ring to rule them all: Unpacking the centralisation of power within the Queensland Greens
  3. Dr Anne Poelina and Ian Perdrisat’s “Sustainable Futures, a view from Martuwarra” 
  4. Marama Davidson interviewed by Tim Hollo: “Uncomfortable with power”: strategies, policies and approaches of the Green Party of Aotearoa NZ in government
  5. Chris Schuringa’s “The fight for East Gippsland’s forests
  6. Matt Rogers’ “Theory of the Lanyard Class
  7. Huong Truong’s “The Work of Grassroots Organising

Plus, your top 3 old reads we kept reading in 2022!

  1. An Ecological Human Settlement Theory” by Steven Liaros 
  2. Green Anti-Immigration Arguments Are A Cover For Right Wing Populism” by Tony Goodfellow
  3. Plan E: A climate-centred security strategy?” by Dr Liz Boulton 

To bring us closer to collectively addressing the problems we face, that is Green Agenda’s vision and challenge. That’s what we’re here for. This year and the next.

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Take care,

Carlos Morreo
Editor, Green Agenda


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