People across the word believe, with real justification, that governments and politicians are no longer working for us. In the light of Brexit, Trump, and the rise of the far right here in Australia, the need to breathe new life into democracy before it’s too late is increasingly obvious.

From donations and lobbyist reform and the institution of a national corruption commission to the introduction of Multi Member Proportional Representation in the House of Representatives; from becoming a Republic to potentially abolishing the States, empowering local government and entirely reconfiguring our federation; from building local mechanisms for participatory democracy to building the case for global representative democracy, and of course ensuring sovereignty for first nations people, there are huge ideas to be discussed!

FroGI - Friends of the Green Institute - Regular Giving Program

Leaping towards transformative politics!

By Tim Hollo March 20, 2024

Launching Friends of the Green Institute Imagine if we Greens had the time and space to really think deeply about the changes we need in the world, and how to make them happen! Imagine if everyone in and around our party and movement had the opportunity to get involved in…

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Together - Green Institute 2024 - Tim Hollo


By Tim Hollo February 20, 2024

Almost exactly 8 years ago, I wrote my first email as Executive Director of the Green Institute to many of you, expressing a lot of angst at the state of the world – in that case the shocking fires that had been ripping through Tasmanian forests. Riffing on that particular moment…

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Audio Book - Living Democracy - Tim Hollo - Green Institute

Listen up! Audiobook is Living!

By Tim Hollo December 8, 2023

Almost 8 years ago, when I was given the incredible privilege and responsibility to lead the Green Institute, I spent months asking people all around the Greens party and movement what they thought the Institute needed to do. One answer that came through loud and clear was that it had…

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Green Institute - Looking Back Looking Forward 2023

Looking Back and Looking Forward

By Tim Hollo December 1, 2023

What a year! Four conferences Four publications 12 member workshops 15 book discussion events a new podcast Thousands of members engaged in conversation about Greens politics! As the year comes to a close, I’m delighted to share with you The Green Institute’s Annual Report for 2022/23, showcasing…

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Green Institute Conference 2023 - The Land Back

The Land Back: Green Institute Conference 2023

By Elissa Jenkins October 24, 2023

This recording is from The City Transformed: Urban life at the end of the world as we know it – Green Institute Conference 2023 featuring Mundanara Bayles and Birdy Bird presenting their talk ‘The Land Back’. About Mundanara Bayles Mundanara’s cultural heritage is connected to the Wonnarua and Bunjalung people…

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Green Institute Conference 2023 - Democratic Transformation through Crisis

Democratic transformation through crisis: Green Institute Conference 2023

By Elissa Jenkins October 23, 2023

This recording is from The City Transformed: Urban life at the end of the world as we know it – Green Institute Conference 2023, specifically the stream entitled ‘Democratic transformation through crisis’ featuring “Campaign Strategy for Transformative Democracy”, with A/Prof Mark Diesendorf;“Democratic transformation and urban re-imagination during periods of political…

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