Launch Of “Unconditionally”

By Tim Hollo October 28, 2021

From reflections on lived experience to academic analysis of real life impacts to analysis of what people actually believe, the launch of our new paper, “Unconditionally: COVID response and the future of welfare” was a brilliant way to help us imagine a future where welfare is unconditional.

The event featured Kirstin O’Connell from the Anti Poverty Centre, Dr Elise Klein from ANU’s Crawford School and the co-Director of the new Australian Basic Income Lab, Dr Shelley Bielefeld from Griffith University, and Anglicare Australia Deputy Director, Maiy Azize.

The presentations and discussion in Q&A are worth watching to get a really clear idea of why we need to make welfare unconditional, and how we can make it happen.

Download the EBOOK here.

Download 'Unconditionally: COVID response and the future of welfare', a collection of essays edited by The Green Institute.


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