6 Months, 9 Webinars, 26 Speakers, Countless Ideas!

By Tim Hollo September 29, 2020

Six months ago, just as coronavirus was reaching Australia and we were beginning to grapple with what a pandemic response might look like, the Green Institute called a snap webinar, Staying Together While Keeping Apart, to discuss how to ensure that, through looming lockdowns, we continue the vital work of…

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Building Community To Stop Fossil Fuels - Green Institute

Building Community To Stop Fossil Fuels

By Tim Hollo September 21, 2020

One of the most obvious fault lines exposed in COVID politics is over climate action and fossil fuels, with governments using the cover of the pandemic to push forward with polluting and destructive projects despite ever clearer evidence that a clean energy-driven recovery is the way to go, and stronger…

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There's No Time Left Not To Do Everything

There’s No Time Left Not To Do Everything

By Tim Hollo September 16, 2020

After a few months of suppressing our terror of the climate crisis while we’ve focussed on the immediate crisis of the pandemic, I’ve noticed, in conversations in person and online, that the fires in the USA have brought the trauma of last summer back to the surface for many many…

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Community Building vs Fossil Fuel Digging - Green Institute

Community Building vs Fossil Fuel Digging

By Tim Hollo September 3, 2020

I’m super excited to bring you our next COVID Democracy webinar, featuring two of my favourite climate champions, Julie Lyford and Amanda Cahill, talking about their groundbreaking work. One of the most obvious fault lines in the present…

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Green Agenda is evolving!

Green Agenda is evolving!

By Tim Hollo August 19, 2020

Well, this is a time of transformation, isn’t it? I’m sure you are all aware of the Institute’s open publishing platform, Green Agenda, where we publish articles and essays and interviews about Green politics. Hopefully you’ve all read something…

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Turn It Off And On Again? Reset Reading Group Webinar Recording

Turn It Off And On Again?

By Tim Hollo August 10, 2020

If only it were that simple. It never really is, of course. But it’s the idea that this extraordinary moment creates the opportunity to reset our politics that inspired the Reset Reading Group, the first round of which…

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Ideas For A Just Future - Reset Reading Group - Green Institute

Ideas For A Just Future

By Tim Hollo August 1, 2020

One of the fantastic projects that sprung up thanks to this extraordinary moment, and that the Green Institute has been delighted to be involved with, is the Reset Reading Group. Launched by our friends at the…

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