57 Incredible Presenters! Green Institute Conference 2023

By Tim Hollo August 9, 2023

57 Speakers - Green Institute Conference 2023
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You have got to check this out.

Seriously. I was the one lucky enough to piece together the program for The City Transformed: urban life at the end of the world as we know it, out of the proposals so many of you sent to us. But, even for me, looking at this page of our 57 speakers is pretty astonishing.

This is a vital, urgent and timely discussion, as so many of us try to come to grips with the kind of politics, campaigning, and community action we need as we face up to the climate and ecological crisis, the housing crisis, the crisis of trust in democracy, the crisis of loneliness and disconnection in our lives. And the calibre of the people coming to take part in the conversation, to help guide us through the action we need to take and the work we can do together, is incredible.

Book your place, in person or online, today.

I don’t want to select names from the 57 today. I want you to click here and see for yourself who these fantastic people are.

Once you’ve done so, I hope you’re inspired to join us for this conference! With eight sleeps to go, it’s time to get your tickets, and encourage your friends to do so, too!

See you in Meanjin or online next week,



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