Fossil Finance with Tim Buckley

By Tim Hollo August 4, 2015

Fossil Finance Tim Buckley 4 August 2015 This month so far  – President Obama announced his Clean Energy Plan to accelerate the US exit from coal; Alpha Natural Resources, second biggest coal miner in the US filed for bankruptcy; Peabody Energy, the largest US coal miner saw its stock…

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Let’s talk about tax

By Tim Hollo June 30, 2015

Discussing tax Let’s have a real discussion about tax Senator Peter Whish-Wilson Tuesday 30 June 2015 The real test of a government’s budget and taxation system is whether the decisions that underpin it make ours a better nation. If we are serious about removing inequity within the taxation system,…

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Budget briefing

By Tim Hollo May 26, 2015

Budget briefing Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam 26 May 2015 Budget 2015 “further entrenches the Abbott government’s cruel and ideological attack on the Australian community” Richard Di Natale Greens Co-Deputy Leaders Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam give a run-down on Budget 2015 and some of the measures…

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Fracking the future

By Tim Hollo April 23, 2015

Fracking the future Mark Ogge 23 April 2015 Mark Ogge from the Australia Institute discusses the real impacts of ‘unconventional gas’ in Australia. He describes the dynamics driving the gas expansion, the impacts and risks associated with the infrastructure, and the impacts on local industries and the broader economy.

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Inside the UK Greens surge

By Tim Hollo February 25, 2015

Inside the UK Greens surge Adam Ramsay 25 February 2015 In the run up to elections on 7 May, Scottish journalist and author Adam Ramsay discusses the reasons for the massive surge in Green membership across the UK over the last year. Watch video…

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Beyond coal

By Tim Hollo November 11, 2014

Beyond coal Bob Burton 11 November, 2014 “Coal is good for humanity, coal is good for prosperity, coal is an essential part of our economic future, here in Australia, and right around the world.” So said Mr Abbott. Bob Burton tells a very different story, of an industry close to…

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The surveillance state and you

By Tim Hollo September 30, 2014

The surveillance state and you Scott Ludlam 30 September 2014 Scott Ludlam explains why you should care about the expanding power of the state to track your personal life while simultaneously increasing its own level of secrecy. If you’re concerned, join the campaign to stop…

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Why New Zealand needs a smart new change

By Tim Hollo July 16, 2014

Government in waiting? Why New Zealand needs a smart new change Gareth Hughes MP 16 July 2014 The New Zealand election was held on 20 September 2014. In the lead up, NZ Greens MP Gareth Hughes previewed the election, the issues and the campaign. Video…

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See how the money goes

By Tim Hollo May 27, 2014

See how the money goes Parliamentary speakers from the Greens Parliamentary Team 27 May 2014 The 2014 budget is still making news a month after it was delivered. Listen to the Greens’ analysis and a quick summary of the billions of dollars the government could save in other less…

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Defending universal health care

By Tim Hollo May 6, 2014

Defending universal health care Colin Jacobs 6 May 2014 Colin Jacobs, adviser to Greens health spokesperson Richard di Natale, sets the scene for the Abbott government’s first budget and its widely previewed attacks on the universality of our healthcare system. This is the opening round in a…

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