Recording Of Homo Ecologicus: Money Between Economy And Ecology

By Elissa Jenkins November 14, 2020

Below you will discover a recording of the event ‘Homo Ecologicus: Money Between Economy And Ecology’ hosted by Economythologies featuring Green Institute Executive Director Tim Hollo.

The image of Homo Economicus underpins the ubiquity of neo-classical economics, delineating the possibilities of exchange for humans conceived as rational and self-interested beings. How does growing awareness of our ecological entanglements with human and more-than-human beings invite a reimagining of our economies, societies and political systems?

Hosted by Economythologies and moderated by Glen Fuller, this session held on 6 November 2020 brought together Kamaljit SanghaTim HolloDeclan Kuch, and Deborah Cleland to discuss how money, exchange and community may be re-configured through ecological alternatives. 

You can watch the recording now below.


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