Special Event: Mark The 10th Anniversary Of The Greens/Gillard Clean Energy Act With Us!

Webinar: 8pm AEDT, Monday 8 November 2021​

In the toxic wasteland that is Australia’s climate politics, it’s sometimes easy to forget that, ten years ago, we had a historic win!

Join us to mark this anniversary at a very special online event featuring three of the key players, Christine Milne, Professor Will Steffen, and Adam Bandt, at 8pm on November 8.

Watch or listen back to the webinar recording.

On November 8, 2011, The Australian Senate made history by passing the Clean Energy Act, a package of world-leading climate legislation negotiated through an innovative, multi-party process in a power-sharing parliament that people said could never work.

Australia’s climate pollution immediately started going down. And, despite the fact that the carbon pricing mechanism has since been dismantled, key aspects of the package including the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and The Australian Renewable Energy Agency are still doing vital work.

The reason we managed to get this package in place is clear.

After an election where Adam Bandt won the Greens joint balance of power in the House of Representatives, and the largest ever Greens contingent held sole balance of power in the Senate, Christine Milne proposed the establishment of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee. To be made up of Labor, Greens and pro-climate Independents, and supported by a group of expert advisers including Will Steffen, the MPCCC would spend months negotiating the detail of an agreement for climate action, constructively working through disagreements to reach a point that everyone could be happy with.

This historic process led to a historic result. But it’s a result that is too often erased from history as an inconvenient truth – that when the Greens hold balance of power, we make amazing things happen.

Join us, during the Glasgow climate summit, amid the noisy disputes in the Coalition, for a very special event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Clean Energy Act and discuss how it provides a model for where we can go next.​

Register now to join in on a discussion with:

  • Christine Milne – former leader of The Australian Greens and instigator of the MPCCC
  • Professor Will Steffen – one of the world’s leading climate scientists and adviser to the MPCCC
  • Adam Bandt – leader of The Australian Greens and member of the MPCCC
  • Facilitated by Tim Hollo – Executive Director of the Green Institute and adviser to Senator Milne at the time

Webinar: 8pm AEDT, Monday 8 November 2021​​​​

Full bursaries are available. Email event organiser (email listed below) with your request.