Celebrating And Planning Climate Action

By Tim Hollo November 15, 2021

Well, what an inspiring conversation we had last night, coming together to mark the 10th anniversary of the Clean Energy Act passing the parliament, and discuss what the precedent means for the months ahead.

Our three wonderful panellists, Christine Milne, Will Steffen and Adam Bandt took us through the full story of the Multi Party Climate Change Committee, and how it worked so effectively to get world-leading climate action happening here in Australia. We discussed how it came to pass, what its legacy is, why it is so often written out of history, and what we can learn from it for our next steps.

You won’t hear this story told often, and certainly not by the media or by others involved, and Christine, Will and Adam dug deep into their experiences to share important reflections that say a lot about Australian politics. It’s worth watching in full, to get a grounding in what we Greens can achieve in balance of power, with the support of civil society and expert advisers.

This is one for posterity, and I’m delighted the Green Institute was able to make it happen.


Green says

It was brilliant and inspiring.


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