What Is Green Politics? Discussion With Asia Pacific Greens

By Tim Hollo October 14, 2021

I was absolutely privileged on October 10 to join a panel for the Asia Pacific Greens Federation, discussing the question “What is Green Politics?” with Greens colleagues from Lebanon, Japan and Indonesia.

It was a wonderful insight into how, in different circumstances and from different perspectives, our challenges, issues and vision are truly the same.

The importance of interdependence, of interconnected thinking, of mutual respect and trust, or understanding human wellbeing as fundamentally intertwined with ecological health, shone through in all the presentations.

It reminded me how wonderful it is to be part of a truly global movement for an ecological politics.

Watch the video here, with me in conversation with Nada Zarour, Ricky Adachi and Ade Zuchri, facilitated by Najah Jaroush.


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