Think Global – EU Greens Webinar And Global Greens Book

By Tim Hollo August 22, 2019

One of the most amazing things about being part of the Greens is that we can all get involved at every level, through great networks and connections, from our suburb to the whole globe.

Next Tuesday evening, August 27, you can tap into that by joining our webinar with EU Greens co-chair, Reinhard Butikofer MEP, to hear about the European Green Wave. At the recent EU elections, the Greens secured huge swings, leaping from 50 to 74 seats in the 751 seat parliament. The results are particularly astonishing in Germany, where Reinhard is from, where polls have the Greens at second or even first place nationally.

Think Global - EU Greens Webinar And Global Greens Book

Reinhard will tell us about the political context in Europe at the moment, how the Greens have placed themselves strategically in that context, how they campaigned, and some ideas about what happens next. You’ll then have the opportunity to ask him questions. It promises to be a fantastic discussion.

Register now to secure a place and get the link for how to join us on Zoom.

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to join over 2000 Greens from more than 90 countries in Liverpool for the fourth Global Greens Congress. Even for someone with a long history in the party, it was a spectacular experience, showcasing both the diversity and unity of purpose and vision of the Greens.

Green Institute founder and powerhouse behind the Global Greens, Margaret Blakers, has put in a tremendous amount of work to pull together all the speeches and presentations from the Congress into a book which you can now buy. It’s a record of a remarkable event, but also a fantastic resource for anyone wishing to dig into what Greens around the world are doing, how our struggles are both so similar and also strikingly different. It’s a great inspiration.

Think Global - EU Greens Webinar And Global Greens Book - Margaret Blakers

All the funds raised from the sale are going towards a fund for the next Congress, which will be in Seoul in 2021, to help Greens from all around the globe to attend.

For those of you in Canberra, please join Margaret and me for a free event to launch the book at the Polish Club on Thursday August 29, with Christine Milne and Kyung Lee from the Korean Greens streaming in via the web.

Globally yours,



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