The surveillance state and you

By Tim Hollo September 30, 2014

The surveillance state and you

Scott Ludlam
30 September 2014

Scott Ludlam explains why you should care about the expanding power of the state to track your personal life while simultaneously increasing its own level of secrecy. If you’re concerned, join the campaign to stop data retention.

Listen (45 mins)

More reading:
Senate inquiry into the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act.  Read the evidence that’s been put before the inquiry including submissions and transcripts from iinet, Telstra, the Attorney General’s department, Julian Assange and more. The inquiry is due to report on 3 December 2014.
Telecommunications and surveillance annual reports. See who is looking for what information. That’s where the startling figure of 340,000 ‘warrantless accesses’ to data in 2012/13 comes from — that is, even before the proposed new metadata retention laws, an array of agencies from Racing Queensland to the Victorian Taxi Directorate are getting access to private information without having to obtain a warrant.
Cypherpunks. The origins of critical thinking on some of these issues.
Senators and members. This is who to contact if you’re concerned about metadata retention and related issues.


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