Talking Cooperatives For A Democratic Covid Recovery

By Tim Hollo July 6, 2020

The economic recovery that governments across Australia and the world are mostly planning is all about snapping back to an economy controlled by the few, extracting wealth and value from the many.

But that’s not the only way of doing this.

We could use this moment to make our economy more democratic, and cooperatives are a brilliant path to doing that.

In this inspiring webinar, Dan Musil from Earthworker and Professor Katherine Gibson from Western Sydney University took us through how cooperatives work, what their benefits are for people and the community, and how they can be managed for the long term.

We discussed how coops keep wealth circulating in the community instead of being extracted as profit for elsewhere, and how they tend to be more adaptable and resilient than other forms of enterprise.

Have a listen to the full hour’s conversation for a great grounding in the what, why and how of coops.

Some of the range of resources, and links to existing coops and courses mentioned in the chat, can be found below.


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