Views Of A UBI

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t be left behind?

Nine Australians’ “Views of a UBI”

14 JUNE 2017

What would your life be like if you—and everyone around you—had a Universal Basic Income?

How would it change the choices you make to know that there was a no-questions-asked, non-judgmental, society-wide support in place that we all contribute to and all benefit from?

What would you do differently if our society explicitly valued unpaid contributions, recognising that paid employment isn’t the only—or even necessarily the best—way to participate?

These questions are answered in fascinating and diverse ways by nine Australians from different walks of life in the Green Institute’s new paper, Views of a UBI: Perspectives from across Australia. A farmer, a carer, a uni student, a coal miner, an Indigenous woman, an artist, a mother, and two women affected by the ‘robodebt’ debacle have contributed their thoughts on how this approach might change expectations and behaviours in their communities.

Each of them individually provides food for thought. Together, they begin to paint a picture of what might be.

What kind of world do we want to live in? How are we to live?

These views on a UBI give us a fascinating window on these most important questions.


Views of a UBI – full report

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