Leaping towards transformative politics!

By Tim Hollo March 20, 2024

Launching Friends of the Green Institute

Imagine if we Greens had the time and space to really think deeply about the changes we need in the world, and how to make them happen!

Imagine if everyone in and around our party and movement had the opportunity to get involved in well-facilitated, well-informed conversations about transformative politics!

Imagine how that would make our campaigning on the ground, our work in parliaments and councils, and our efforts helping communities at the grassroots, even more powerful!

That’s what the Green Institute exists for – to create the space for strategic conversations about Greens politics that can’t happen elsewhere, but are crucial for our movement’s transformative goals.

FroGI - Friends of the Green Institute - Regular Giving Program

Today we are launching FroGI – Friends of the Green Institute – and asking you to hop in and join us as we leap towards transformative politics!

Since 2008, the Institute has been at the leading edge of conversations on the Green New Deal, Universal Basic Income, the Rights of Nature, post-growth prosperity for all, and participatory democracy. Through webinars, papers, conferences, workshops and training programs, the Institute has been leading, seeding and feeding transformative Greens politics.

We’re incredibly proud of what we manage to achieve. But our work is limited by our tiny budget and resources – only 1.2 full time equivalent staff, and a toadal budget of barely $180,000 a year.

Like a whistling tree frog, we make a lot of noise and a big impression for our size! People are often astonished to find out how small we actually are. But even that’s a stretch right now – like so many others, we’re having to be increasingly… frogal.

Imagine what we could achieve with just a little bit more!

Whether you’re a pobblebonk or a green and gold bell frog, whether you can afford $15 a month or $100, every little bit makes a tremendous difference, enabling us to bring our work to more people, and to involve more of us in these conversations.

Leap in today as part of our new regular giving program, and become a FroGI!

If you get in quick, we’ll send you a FroGI lapel pin or sticker as a token of how hoppy you’ve made us.

And I warn you, the puns will get worse and worse if I have to keep emailing you about this! So don’t froglet to click the link.

Hopping off for now,


PS: I’m sending this message from Parliament House, where we’ve just had a beautiful evening celebrating the Green Institute’s Sweet 16th birthday and launching FroGI with Adam Bandt, Janet Rice, Christine Milne, Margaret Blakers and many more! Here’s a hoppy snop happy snap from last night’s festivities!

Sweet 16 Showcase - Green Institute - Margaret Blakers


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