Report from Universal Basic Income session at Global Greens Congress, Liverpool, England

By Tim Hollo April 2, 2017

Around 100 people from Europe, the Americas and Asia gathered to hear about the philosophy, the practicalities, and the experience of trials underway. It was wonderful to have people involved in trials in Finland and the Netherlands present to share their experiences so far.

There was a great balance of positivity and reasonable scepticism in the room, as well as an important recognition that there is also a push for the idea from the libertarian right, who want to implement UBI as an excuse to get rid of other support for health, education, housing and more, and make our society even more unequal.

This means that we Greens need a very well thought-out approach to the issue to fight for a UBI which makes our society fairer, freer and greener.

The great news is we now have a Global Greens network to do just that! #Greens17


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