The European Green Wave: What’s Going On? With Reinhard Butikofer MEP

The European Green Wave: What's Going On? With Reinhard Butikofer MEP

Be sure to come along to this Green Institute Webinar with Reinhard Butikofer MEP who is the European Greens Party Co-chair and MEP for the German Green party Bündnis90/Die Grünen.

Last month’s European elections saw another surge towards the Greens, leaping from 50 to 74 seats in the European Parliament. The results are particularly astonishing in Germany, where the Greens are now the second party in national polls, eclipsing the Social Democrats and challenging the Christian Democrats for first place.

The European Green Wave: What's Going On? With Reinhard Butikofer MEPWe’re lucky to have co-chair of the European Greens, Reinhard Butikofer MEP, making himself available for this webinar to explain what’s going on, how the Greens campaigned to deliver these results, and what comes next.

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