Cultivating Democracy: Green Institute Conference, 15-17 November, 2019

Democracy – it’s always been incomplete, compromised and fragile, but today our democratic systems and institutions are under threat like never before.

With ecological breakdown underway, inequality spiralling, colonialism and patriarchy still not dismantled, and the hate-fuelled far right on the rise, we desperately need democracies which are able to both reverse these trends and create hope-filled resilience in the face of difficult times to come.

Meanwhile, around the world, people and communities are experimenting with exciting and innovative democratic practices, recasting the relationship between citizens and government, drawing on ancient wisdom, involving deep engagement and participation.

The Green Institute’s 2019 conference will challenge us to think deeply about democracy, and inspire us to act fast, and with great determination, to cultivate democracy at every level.

Keynote speakers, with many more speakers to be announced:

  • Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng on Indigenous democracy
  • Professor John Quiggin on capitalism vs democracy
  • Dr Nicky Ison on energy democracy
  • Associate Professor Simon Niemeyer, Dr Amanda Cahill and Dr Tim Dunlop on deepening democratic participation
  • Dr Natalie Osborne on democracy and ecology

For this conference, there won’t be a call for papers, but we will be a running facilitated open spaces on the Saturday and Sunday in parallel with the Australian Greens National Conference.

Friday 15 November, 9am-5pm at Ainslie Arts Centre, Canberra
Friday evening, 6pm onwards at the White Eagle Polish Club, Turner
Saturday 16 November and Sunday 17 November at Ainslie Arts Centre in parallel with the Australian Greens National Conference.

Register now, as places are strictly limited.

Bursaries and billets will be available, but please purchase a ticket at the highest level you can afford to help the Green Institute cover costs so we can continue to expand our work.

NB: If you intend to also attend the Greens National Conference, you will have to register for that separately here.