Webinar: Could Australian Politicians Soon Be Prosecuted For Ecocide?

All of a sudden, momentum is swiftly building to introduce a global crime of ecocide, alongside genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity – making severe, widespread and long-lasting environmental destruction illegal under international law.

Webinar: 6pm AEST, Thursday 29 July 2021 (not our usual time of 8pm).

A few weeks ago, a high level panel of experts proposed a legal definition of ecocide, lifting the discussion into the next level. We’re no longer just talking about an idea. There is an active proposal to make this law, driven by some of the world’s leading international jurists.

What would these laws look like? What would the consequences of breaking them be? What would the implications of this be for Australian politicians and business leaders? Would they make different decisions if they understood that their actions, committed knowing the consequences, could lead to prosecution in The Hague? And how can we help them become reality?

To discuss these potentially earth-changing questions, The Green Institute is delighted to bring you a webinar with Jojo Mehta, chair of the Stop Ecocide Foundation direct from the UK, Dr Michelle Maloney, founder of The Australian Earth Laws Alliance, and our own Greens environment spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

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