“Conversation Starters” To Help Design A UBI

Date & Time: 8pm-9.30pm, Tuesday 7 Aug, 2018.
Location: Online via Zoom

UBI is a conversation we need to have together, so we’ve put together three “Conversation Starter” papers, so you can host a conversation on Universal Basic Income at your local Greens branch or in your local community.

Keen to host a conversation?

Join us on this Webinar on Tuesday 7 August at 8pm AEST as we look at some discussion points to guide conversations, such as “What policies, services and payments are most important to work with a UBI?”, “What kind of society would be fostered by a Job Guarantee as opposed to a UBI?”, “Is a trial worth the risks?”, “What co-benefits would a Youth Basic Income bring?”, and “What supportive policies would be required to enable people to manage?”


UBI Conversation Starter: What and Why

UBI Conversation Starter: How and How Much

UBI Conversation Starter: How To

N.B. This event was originally scheduled for 10 July and has now moved to 7 August. This is the postponed event. Please SHARE and INVITE your friends and networks!