Everything Is Connected: Kate Raworth On Doughnut Economics

By Tim Hollo October 28, 2017

Kate Raworth is a renegade economist focused on exploring the economic mindset needed to address the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges, and is the creator of the Doughnut theory of social and planetary boundaries. She is a Senior Visiting Research Associate at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute.

Kate’s plenary presentation to the the Green Institute’s conference, Everything is Connected, was one of many highlights. Here is the video.

Social image sourced from Kate Raworth Exploring Doughnut Economics.


zorba says

We have heard in times of financial crisis that corporations are *too big to fail*, that those companies and their shareholders should be bailed out by tax payers and central banks. Hence the corporate bailouts. Hence the trillions of dollars created by central banks as financial *stimulus* that is under performing.
If corporations and banks are to big to fail, then certainly our planet is to big to fail, certainly our children are too big to fail and all living species on Earth are too big to fail.
So let's bailout our planet. We need a *Green Marshall plan*.
Our central banks should return to a *prominent role* in creating money. I warrant that the best role for that newly created money is saving our ecosystem by creating green jobs.
We need to dispel the mass illusion that fossil fuels are mandatory.
The technologies exist to cost competitively replace fossil fuels today. See prof Marc Z. Jacobson's TED talk on how it's done:
Fossil fuel workers can be retrained to work in renewable energy to lower resistance to change.
Let's use new green dollars from the BoC to build nation wide renewable energy based networks of electric vehicle fast charging stations to incentivize the shift from the internal combustion engine to EV's. They can be citizen owned with user fees going to the Receiver General.
The new green dollars: Yes they can!
*Retrofit buildings which are a major source of energy loss.
*Fast track high speed Maglev trains to reduce auto and jet emissions and save time for rail passengers.*
*Build smarter electric grids and micro grids with low cost utility scale, next gen flywheel energy storage. This creates low cost baseload power that nuclear advocates propagandize as impossible for renewables.
*Expand hi speed wifi access.
*Say NO to corporate GMO gangsters Monsanto and their cancer causing, SLAPP suiting, politician bribing pesticide monoculture.
So let's use new BoC money to support bringing affordable organic food to cities with renewable energy powered, citizen owned vertical and rooftop farms. This adds to Canada's food security, lowering public food costs while increasing food nutritional benefits.
The technologies exist to change our world for the better. . Implemented globally, creating green infrastructure with new cash from central banks will at once create jobs and save our planet. See:


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