Canberra accommodation options

Canberra has a large number and broad range of accommodation options for delegates to Everything is Connected. Here are a handful you might want to examine.

Canberra City YHA

At the cheapest end, at $39-46 for shared bunk rooms, the location is a 30 minute walk to the conference, in the centre of the city, at 7 Akuna St, Canberra. It is a 10-15 minute walk from the ANU, where the Friday evening event will be held.

University House, ANU

Affordable at $120 for a double bed, $240 for a Queen and twin or 4 twins. It is a 35 minute walk from the conference, at 1 Balmain Cres on the ANU campus, and a few minutes from the Friday night event location.

Studios in Griffith

Among the self-contained accommodation options, this is a few minutes walk from the conference at Old Parliament House, and affordable at $130 for two or three guests.

The Cottage, Deakin

Similar to the above.

Hotel Hotel

If you want to stay in the greenest building in the ACT, the remarkable Nishi Building, this is for you. At $180-$300 a night, it’s one of the city’s new go-to places, in the buzzing hipster New Acton zone. It is a 30 minute walk to the conference and 10 minutes to the Friday evening event.

Redbrow Garden

For something completely different – this very sustainable B&B outside Canberra is a 40 minute drive from the conference. For $150 for two people you get fresh eggs and veggies from the kitchen garden.


The ACT Greens have several lovely and generous members who have offered to open their homes to delegates who would like a billet. Let us know in plenty of time and we can hopefully arrange one for you!

Find your own

Canberra has numerous accommodation options, given how dramatically our population grows during sitting weeks. A quick search will turn up a large range.